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Drone Industry Reports

All reports are the result of extensive data-driven research and analytics. They provide detailed information to help you assess market potential, operational constraints, strategic partnerships or general market developments.

Drone Applications Report 2019 Title 3Ds
The most comprehensive and structured database of drone application projects currently available with 731 use cases, conducted in over 100 different countries and by over 80 different manufacturers, dated between 2004 and 2018.
Drone Investment Report 2019 - Title 3D Shadow
This report is a detailed outline and analysis of investments in the drone industry in 2018. With details on over 150 investment deals in 2018, it helps business owners and investors create responsible and lasting partnerships in the drone industry.
Drone Market Report 2019 3D
This report forecasts the global drone market for 2019-2024, broken down by segment, industry, application method, region, and country. The figures, based on the DRONEII bottom-up market model, help stakeholders in the drone industry make short and long-term strategic business decisions.
Drone Regulation Report 2019
The report contains a comparative analysis of global drone regulations and the rankings we produced based on our new Drone Readiness Index. It helps companies make strategic business development decisions based on regulatory developments and forecasts.

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Feedback from our Clients

  • “DRONEII’s due diligence study of the counter-drone market and regulatory landscape helped us significantly in our decision to invest into the industry.“

    Claridge Testimonial
    Dov Rozenberg
    Associate, Claridge
  • “We appreciate the transparency and good structuring of the DRONEII reports. Thanks to them, we save a lot of time which we used to spend for inquiry in the past and at the same time we gain much more extensive data than before.“

    Malte Laas
    Malte Laas
    Managing Director, allDots
  • “DRONEII’s market research and competitive intelligence has provided us with an in-depth look into the potential of drones in the construction industry. The total addressable market figures and potential product strategies will go a long way in helping us plan our next steps.“

    Liebherr Logo
    Liebherr Tower Cranes
  • “We found the report quite useful in terms of giving us revealing and trustworthy market figures for our analysis and we liked the overview of regulatory status by country a lot.“

    Alexander Schlaepfer
    Alexander Schläpfer
    Partner, Swisscom Ventures
  • “Since being published on the Drone Market Environment Map 2019, we have received collaboration inquiries from several foreign companies.”

    Noriyuki Toide
    Noriyuki Toide
  • “The insights generated through in-depth interviews with commercial drone industry players helped us to better understand our target group and adjust our strategy accordingly.”

    Christophe Francois
    Christophe Francois
    SVP, Marketing, AirMap
  • “The drone regulation report will definitely be a useful tool for us especially for the purposes of benchmarking and developing regulation guidelines.”

    futurise logo
    Sharifah Khairiyah Syed Abdul Hamid
    Manager, Innovation Ecosystem, Futurise
  • “DRONEII did a great job delivering an objective report and database, which is exactly what I needed.”

    DJI Logo
    Alex Xie
  • “The investment report has made a world of difference in our approach to the drone market, venture capital and competitive landscape. It is really very comprehensive.”

    Colby Harvey
    CEO of Rizse
  • “You provide excellent market updates and insights. In such a dynamic market it is good to have a resource that is doing a great job in keeping the community organized for others to make sense of it.”
    ISC Logo
    Bret Gardner
    Director, Partner Development, ISC Consulting Group

Free Publications

Our analysts write about all the most important topics in the drone industry. Read DRONEII articles for fresh perspectives and leading insights into the commercial drone market today. Want to collaborate with us on a joint drone-related publication? Get in touch with our analysts.

The Drone Readiness Index

Find out what are elements of a good drone law and see how we use our new metric for comparing national drone regulations.

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