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Drone Industry Insights

Industry Insights

What is the current market situation like? Who are the majors player in the market?

Select of our high-quality market data packages, articles and reports or ask for a custom made query.

Get just the right information to fill your strategic goals with life, to accelerate your operation and increase business success!

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Reports, Studies, White Paper

We provide detailed reports for specific UAV topics.

These are customized industry-analysis and studies focusing on technology, risk, competitors and market development.

If you desire a clean and objective wrap-up for a specific UAV topic you can sponsor an on-demand white paper.

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Drone studies and white paper
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Business Development and Consulting

Do you need a tailor-made concept for your existing or future project?

We offer consulting services for operation (handbooks, manuals, etc.), business development (risk/portfolio analysis, etc.) as well as corporate strategies for your organization.

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The drone industry is a hot topic on conventions and panel discussions. To generate a valuable discussion it is essential to deliver high level insights and coherencies to the audience.

In our talks we provide transparency for todays challenges and tomorrows visions.

Kay Wackwitz - New Mobility World, IAA Frankfurt:M. 2017