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The Drone Regulation Report 2019


  • Civil and commercial drone regulations have followed a long and uphill road since they were first stated by the ICAO in 2006.
  • Our new Drone Readiness Index (DRI) lets you compare national drone regulations side by side. The report includes a ranking of the Top 30 countries in the world in terms of drone readiness.
  • 30 national drone regulations are analysed individually in detail, including a roadmap outlining the proposed changes in each country.
  • Most drone companies state that it is still either very difficult or impossible to fly BVLOS in their country.
  • When BVLOS flights are possible, obtaining a permission is cheap – most pay less than €500 in administrative costs.

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This DRONEII report provides the most comprehensive outline and analysis of commercial drone regulations. It is based on months of research and analysis by our team and the DRONEII Drone Readiness Index which is used to compare national drone regulations. The report introduces the bureaucratic infrastructure behind drone regulations. It delves deeper into European drone regulations by explaining how EASA and other EU regulatory bodies work in conjunction with national regulations. Further, the report discusses international drone standards and the role of the International Standards Organisation in the regulation of drones. 

The 74-page Drone Regulation Report also contains a comparative analysis of global drone regulations and the rankings we have produced based on our new Drone Readiness Index. In addition to this, each of the thirty countries’ national drone regulations are analysed individually in detail.  Finally, this report also gives a view from the industry by providing the insights DRONEII has gathered through the Drone Barometer SurveyThis report helps companies make strategic business development decisions based on regulatory developments and forecasts, for example, for or against market entry or product expansion. Further, it is a great tool for current and potential investors in the drone industry.


  • “With their comprehensive industry knowledge, Drone Industry Insights helped us prioritize certain aspects of our strategic decision making. Their thorough understanding of the market is unique and we are happy to have them as a research partner.”

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    Bastian Schäfer
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  • “Since being published on the Drone Market Environment Map 2019, we have received collaboration inquiries from several foreign companies.”

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    Noriyuki Toide
  • “The drone regulation report will definitely be a useful tool for us especially for the purposes of benchmarking and developing regulation guidelines.”

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    Sharifah Khairiyah Syed Abdul Hamid
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  • “You provide excellent market updates and insights. In such a dynamic market it is good to have a resource that is doing a great job in keeping the community organized for others to make sense of it.”
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Table of Contents

  Executive Summary

1 Introduction

1.1  How Are Drones Regulated?
1.2  Why Do Drone Regulations Matter?
1.3  A History of Drone Regulations: Key Milestones
1.4  Drone Regulation Challenges

Regulatory Language and Concepts

2.1   Key Definitions
2.2   Key Concepts

3 Global and International Drone Regulations

3.1  European Regulations Overview
3.2   A Regional UTM System: U-Space
3.3  International Standards on Drones

The Drone Readiness Index (DRI)

4.1  Parameters
4.2  DRI Ranking
4.3  Individual Parameter Rankings

5 Country Breakdown

5.1  Overview
5.2  Australia
5.3  Belgium
5.4  Brazil
5.5  Canada
5.6  China
5.7  Denmark
5.8  Finland
5.9  France
5.10  Germany
5.11  Iceland
5.12  India
5.13  Indonesia
5.14  Israel
5.15  Italy
5.16  Japan
5.17  Malaysia
5.18  Mexico
5.19  Netherlands
5.20  Norway
5.21  Russia
5.22  Rwanda
5.23  Singapore
5.24  South Africa
5.25  Spain
5.26  Sweden
5.27  Switzerland
5.28  Taiwan
5.29  United Arab Emirates
5.30  United Kingdom
5.31  United States of America

Views from the Industry

6.1  The Drone Industry Barometer Survey
6.2  Survey Results
6.3  Prospects


Table of Figures


Table 1: International Standards: ISO Drone Regulation
Table 2: The Drone Readiness Index (DRI) Ranking
Table 3: The Drone Readiness Index: Operational Limitations Ranking
Table 4: The Drone Readiness Index: Human Resources Ranking
Table 5: The Drone Readiness Index: Administrative Infrastructure Ranking
Table 6: The Drone Readiness Index: Social Acceptance Ranking
Table 7: List of Analyzed Countries by Regulation
Table 8: Drone Regulations in Australia
Table 9: Drone Regulations in Belgium
Table 10: Drone Regulations in Brazil
Table 11: Drone Regulations in Canada
Table 12: Drone Regulations in China
Table 13: Drone Regulations in Denmark
Table 14: Drone Regulations in Finland
Table 15: Drone Regulations in France
Table 16: Drone Regulations in Germany
Table 17: Drone Regulations in Iceland
Table 18: Drone Regulations in India
Table 19: Drone Regulations in Indonesia
Table 20: Drone Regulations in Israel
Table 21: Drone Regulations in Italy
Table 22: Drone Regulations in Japan
Table 23: Drone Regulations in Malaysia
Table 24: Drone Regulations in Mexico
Table 25: Drone Regulations in Netherlands
Table 26: Drone Regulations in Norway
Table 27: Drone Regulations in Russia
Table 28: Drone Regulations in Rwanda
Table 29: Drone Regulations in Singapore
Table 30: Drone Regulations in South Africa
Table 31: Drone Regulations in Spain
Table 32: Drone Regulations in Sweden
Table 33: Drone Regulations in Switzerland
Table 34: Drone Regulations in Taiwan
Table 35: Drone Regulations in the United Arab Emirates
Table 36: Drone Regulations in the United Kingdom
Table 37: Drone Regulations in the United States
Table 38: Top 10 Most Represented Countries in the Drone Barometer Survey


Chart 1: Drone Regulations Structure
Chart 2: Drone Regulations in a Drone Operator’s Workflow
Chart 3: European Drone Regulations Structure
Chart 4: U-Space Stages (Source: SEESAR)


Graph 1: Investments in the Drone Industry by Quarter (2012-2019)
Graph 2: The Biggest Obstacles Identified by Drone Barometer Survey Respondents
Graph 3: Length of Time to Acquire a Special Permission/Exemption as Identified by Drone Barometer Survey Respondents
Graph 4: Ease of Flying BVLOS as Identified by Drone Barometer Survey Respondents
Graph 5: Administrative Costs of Acquiring a Special Permission/Exemption as Identified by Drone Barometer Survey Respondents
Graph 6: Views on How the Regulatory Environment Changed in the Past Year as Identified by Drone Industry Barometer Respondents
Graph 7: The Most Important Drone Market-Driving Actors as Identified by Drone Barometer Survey Respondents


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