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Drone Investments Report 2019


  • Since 2008, $3,163B have been invested into drone companies
  • 2018 was yet another record year with $702 million total invested through 159 investment deals
  • Since 2014, the total and annual global investment value has been growing at a constant level of 23% CAGR
  • In the period of 2016-2018 the drone industry experienced 70 mergers and acquisitions.
  • The steady rise of investments into counter drone technology is expected to continue, especially as drone security issues gained prominence in late 2018 and early 2019.
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About the Report

This DRONEII report provides the most comprehensive outline and analysis of investments into the drone industry. It is based on a thorough study and months of investment monitoring executed by DRONEII. Our analysts conducted primary research to gather details on over 150 investment deals in 2018. 

The Drone Investments Report contains global investment trends in the drone industry with comprehensive charts, rankings and infographics. It provides investment indicators of the current state of drone adoption as well as a sophisticated analysis of all important partnerships of drone companies since 2014. Finally, this report profiles companies who received most funding as well as the most active investors, it discusses important newcomers and start-ups who received seed funding or participated in accelerator programs of critically acclaimed incubators and enterprise accelerator programs


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  • “The investment report has made a world of difference in our approach to the drone market, venture capital and competitive landscape. It is really very comprehensive.”

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    CEO of Rizse
  • “We prepare a review of investment opportunities for ourselves and our clients, investors and major global players, both in terms of asset valuation and in terms of market valuation. Your report has helped us a lot in understanding investment trends and I will be glad to continue cooperation with pleasure.”

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Table of Contents




1.1  Yearly Deal Values (2008-2018): Back to Setting Records

1.2  Deal Values by Quarter (2015-2018)

1.3  Deals by Investment Stage (2014-2018): A Maturing Market

1.4  Drone Deals by Country (2016-2018): USA Still in the Lead

1.5  All deals by UAV Subsegment (2015-2018): Software is Growing

1.6  Top 20 All-Time Investments (c. 2008)


2.1  Start-up and Seed Stage

2.1.1  Start-up and Seed Stage Deals by Year (2015-2018)¹

2.1.2   Top Newcomers and Their Drone Deals¹

2.1.3   Top Start-up Investors: Leading Incubators and Accelerators¹

2.1.4   Top 10 Seed Investments in 2018¹

2.2   Early and Growth Stage

2.2.1   Top 20 VC Investments of 2018²

2.2.2   Deal Value Ranges (2015-2018): Most Invest $20-50M in Drones²

2.2.3   VC Deals by Series (2015-2018): Major Series A Increases²

2.2.4   VC deals by Segment (2015-2018): Software & Services On the Rise²

2.2.5   Top 10 2018 Investments By Segment²

2.3   The Investors

2.3.1   Top 10 Investors (2017-2018): USA Remains in the Lead

2.3.2   Cross-Border Deals 2018: Money Travels!²


3.1   Global Overview of Merged & Acquired Companies in 2018³

3.2   Number of M&A Deals (2013-2018): More Acquisitions Than Ever³

3.3   M&As by Segment (2016-2018)³

3.4   Top 5 M&A Deals (2017-2018): Terra Drone Makes Moves in Europe³


4.1   Global Overview of Key Partnerships (2017-2018)²

4.2   Partnerships by Segment (2014-2018): Services Takes the Lead²

4.3   Cross-Segment Partnerships (2015-2018)²

4.4   Partnerships with Non-Drone Industries (2017-2018)²


5.1   Investments Into New Markets (2014-2018)³

5.2   eVTOLs and Flying Cars³

5.3  Counter Drone Technology³


6.1   Companies Receiving Funding²

6.2   Investors²


¹ Only in the Start Up and Premium packages
² Only in the Growth and Premium packages
³ Only in the Premium package
Table of Figures

Figure 1:  Investment Stages
Figure 2:  Deal Values  Per Year (2006-2018)  in USD M
Figure 3:  Deal Values Per Quarter (2015-2018) in USD M
Figure 4:  Percentage (%) of Deal Type in Each Year (2014-2018)
Figure 5:  Deals by Country (2016-2018) in %
Figure 6:  Deals by UAV Subsegment (2015-2018) in %
Figure 7:  Top 20 All-Time Drone Investment Deals in USD M
Figure 8:  Distribution of Deal Types in the Start-up and Seed Stage in %¹
Figure 9:  Top 10 Seed Investments in 2018 in USD M¹
Figure 10:  Top 20 VC Investments of 2018 in USD M²
Figure 11:  Distribution of Deal Values (2014-2018) in %²
Figure 12:  Average and Median Deal Values in USD M²
Figure 13:  Funding Series by Year (2015-2018)²
Figure 14:  Average Value of Each Series by Year (2015-2018) in USD M²
Figure 15:  Distribution of VC deals by Segment in % (2015-2018)²
Figure 16:  Top 10 Investments by Segment in USD M²
Figure 17:  Top 10 investors (2017-2018) by Number of Deals²
Figure 18:  Number of Investors by Country (2015-2018)
Figure 19:  Global Map of Cross-Border Deals (2016-2018) in USD M²
Figure 20:  Number of M&A Deals by Year (2013-2018)³
Figure 21:  Distribution of M&As by Drone Industry Segment in %³
Figure 22:  Distribution of Partnerships by Drone Industry Segment in %²
Figure 23:  Distribution of Cross-Segment Drone Partnerships in %²
Figure 24:  Distribution of Partnerships with Non-Drone Industry Companies in %²
Figure 25:  Investments into eVTOLs in USD M³
Figure 26:  Investments into Counter Drone Technology in USD M³
Figure 27:  Timeline of Investments into eVTOLs and Flying Cars in USD M³
Figure 28:  Timeline of Investments into Counter Drone Technology in USD M³


¹ Only in the Start Up and Premium packages
² Only in the Growth and Premium packages
³ Only in the Premium package
Companies Mentioned

3D Robotics
500 Startups
Accel Partners
ACSL (Japan)
Aeryon Labs
Airbus Bizlab
Airbus Ventures
Alchemist Accelerator
Andreessen Horowitz
DroneFund Japan
Droni Tech
Genius NY
GGV Capital
Intel Capital
Iridium Dynamics
Joby Aviation
Lux Capital
Swift Navigation
Tencent Holdings
Terra Drone
Verity Studios
Y Combinator

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