Drone partnerships gone wild v1.1

Drone Partnerships Gone Wild

5 min. The last year in the drone industry moved at incredible pace – especially when it comes to strategic partnerships. We frequently provided updates about drone partnerships in the past. Now, why is this so important? Drone companies (hardware and software manufacturers, and service providers) are constantly expanding their product/service portfolio and interdisciplinary expertise. This is extremely interesting because it unveils the company’s strategic alignment.

Hendrik Bödecker at Commercial UAV Expo

Commercial UAV EXPO – Europe’s Drone Economy

2 min. The American spirit and the way how to make people comfortable was shown during the two days exhibition. Well organized, very welcoming and a guest list of most of the European drone companies proved it. Although it was the first commercial UAV Expo in Europe, the organizers set up a place where people from 48 countries across all industries, exchanged their experiences and learned about new business opportunities.

UAV risk assessment chart

UAS Safety Risk Assessment

6 min. Drone Industry Insights presents a four-phase model of an UAS safety risk assessment. This approach is an appropriate solution which fits, according to effort and usability, in everybody’s organization. This model is the fundamental frame for a safe and reliable organization set up, which should be used for drone flight permission and insurance applications.