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Drone Industry Insights is the leading source for business intelligence in the field of commercial drones. We are supporting companies around the world to build sustainable business models and help investors to make the right decisions in a new and extremely dynamic industry. With over 60 years of professional aviation experience, our team offers just the right tools to boost your success in the commercial drone market.

Kay Wackwitz
Kay Wackwitz

CEO & Founder

Hendrik Boedecker
Hendrik Bödecker

CFO & Co-Founder

Lukas Schroth
Lukas Schroth

Senior Market Analyst

Florian Mull
Florian Andreas Mull

Senior Consulting Expert

Millie Radovic
Millie Radovic

Market Analyst

Nima Asghari
NiMA Asghari

Senior UAV Application Expert

William van de Lagemaat
William van de Lagemaat

Drone Industry Expert

Christine de Vries
Christine de Vries


Jeremy Wigmore
Jeremy Wigmore

Consultant Business Development

Michael Thoss - EThoss
Michael Thoss

Consultant Business Development

Ian Murray
Ian Murray

Consultant Business Development


Thought Leadership

Kay Wackwitz named to be amongst the most influential people in the commercial drone industry.

“The list is comprised of leaders throughout the commercial drone ecosystem: manufacturers, software developers, end-users, attorneys, researchers, government and more. Although they represent diverse areas within a complex industry, they have this in common: they are all playing a role in driving it forward.”

– Commercial UAV Expo


“The team of helped us to find networks and channels to regional markets to reach a stable position in the global drone industry”

Toru Tokushige
Toru Tokushige
Founder & CEO of Terra Motors and Terra Drone

“DRONEII supported us well by providing specific market research including helpful measures and by establishing a relevant network. In my opinion, there is no one who better summarizes the European drone market than DRONEII.”

Maresa Ziegler, TÜV Süd
Maresa Ziegler
Manager Business Development, TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

“As the primary representative of the aerospace industry in Germany, it is important to fully comprehend all aspects of the evolving drone market. helped us to get an even better understanding in a comprehensive and in-depth drone market study.“

Volker Thum, BDLI
Volker Thum
Managing Director, BDLI - German Aerospace Industries Association

“I find it really impressive how the team have built up a broad and proprietary knowledge base around the commercial drone market ecosystem.“

Bastian Schäfer
Bastian Schäfer
Innovation Manager, Emerging Technologies & Concepts AIRBUS

”The market study and insights provided by helped us to align our future services in terms of market needs, competition and go-to-market strategy.“

Ulrich Hoffmann
Ulrich Hoffmann
Project Lead UAV Services Development, Lufthansa Technik AG

“Drone Industry Insights has become a trusted and reliable partner for ZAL and especially Hamburg’s drone network WiNDroVe. Their in-depth market knowledge and trend assessment have given us valuable information on the commercial drone ecosystem and the technology trends specifically in urban environments.“

Christina Große-Möller
Christina Große-Möller
Project Manager, ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research

“Drone Industry Insights offers a broad market overview and convinces with profound studies on the trends and application areas of commercial drones. The data of Drone Industry Insights enable a focused development of our product portfolio and quickly reveal opportunities and risks.”

Benjamin Federmann
Benjamin Federmann
Director Marketing & Communications, Leica Geosystems

“As the commercial drone industry is still young it is more than useful to have reliable, motivated and pleasant partners like the team of Their deep insights and contacts in the industry help us to make INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO a relevant and successful trade show for the community.”

Juliane Jähnke
Juliane Jähnke
Business Development IAS EXPO

“Companies need actionable insights to help guide their businesses forward. has proven to be a reliable, informed resource for our customers and vendors. We not only rely on them for information about our own business but have had them keynote our event to provide this insight to hundreds of our customers.”

Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
Group Director, Commercial UAV Expo Americas/Europe

Past Events / Keynotes

Upcoming Events

  • Beyond the Hype - The Commercial Drone Market

    Beyond the Hype – The Commercial Drone Market

    Amsterdam Drone Week, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • The Layer-Cake of Drone Data Protection

    The Layer-Cake of Drone Data Protection

    Robotex, Tallinn, Estonia

  • Urban Aerial Mobility

    Urban Aerial Mobility

    Hamburg Aviation Forum

  • Autonomous Drone Delivery

    Autonomous Drone Delivery

    CUBE Tech Fair, Berlin

  • Drones and Data Security

    Drones and Data Security

    Commercial UAV Expo, Amsterdam

  • Urban Aerial Mobility

    Urban Aerial Mobility

    New Mobility World, IAA, Frankfurt

  • Drones in Solar Tech

    Drones in Solar Tech

    InterSolar, Munich

  • The Drone Security Market

    The Drone Security Market

    U.T.SEC, Nuremberg

  • The Commercial Drone Industry

    The Commercial Drone Industry

    AUVSC, Shenzhen

  • Jury - Startup Pitch Session

    Jury – Startup Pitch Session

    Interaerial Solutions, Berlin

  • Panel Discussion - The Age o Drones

    Panel Discussion – The Age o Drones

    AirbusBizLab, ILA, Berlin

  • Olaf Scholz, Minister of Finance, meets Team DRONEII

    Olaf Scholz, Minister of Finance, meets Team DRONEII

    ILA, Berlin

  • The Commercial Drone Market

    The Commercial Drone Market

    Dronemasters meetup, Berlin

  • Drone Market Perspectives

    Drone Market Perspectives

    Dronemasters, CeBIT, Hannover

Rotterdam, Netherlands

January 16th


Berlin, Germany

February 12th

drone insights summit

Stuttgart, Germany

September 17th