Michael de Lagarde, Delair-Tech

Michael de Lagarde

Michael de Lagarde is co-founder and CEO of Delair-Tech, a global leader in commercial drone solutions, enabling leading industries to process aerial imagery into actionable business intelligence. Specialized in drone manufacturing and aerial data processing, Delair-Tech offers end-to-end UAV solutions, including hardware, software and services.

Colin Snow

Colin Snow

I’m CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research, also known as Drone Analyst®. We are a research, content, and advisory services firm supporting the commercial drone industry. I am 25-year technology industry veteran with a background in manufacturing, electronics, digital imaging, field service, software, research, and mobility.


Jörg Lamprecht

UAVs will be integrated in our cities. They will be used more and more, for a growing range of application, such as aerial photography, aerial surveying, aerial inspections, aerial surveillance – and probably also for the delivery of special goods, such as urgent medication.