We offer retainer agreements to support your ongoing drone projects


Added value:

  1. We reduce your costs by offering much lower rates in a subscription scenario
  2. We assure you the availability of our services and guarantee short turnaround times
  3. We help you grow productivity and your business with ongoing support
  4. We streamline the administrative effort (no more bills for hourly efforts) and eliminate cost uncertainty

Why Subscribe


The commercial drone industry is a quickly moving target. To make sure your business strategy is sustainable, we offer you unlimited access to all our publications, connections within our extensive network, and insights regarding trends and developments.


Setting up extensive market research projects takes a lot of time. But what about the tiny bits and pieces that need an instant answer? To fast-track your research we offer no waiting time for research subscribers, research results within 48 hours.


Being a research subscriber is significantly more cost-efficient than purchasing individual reports on our website. This is especially valuable for larger firms whose need for individual reports arise from many different departments in the company.

How it works

Select your individual research subscription plan below and drop us a line

We immediately get back to you to arrange a free upfront discovery session (your plans, our support)

We set up a retainer contract that is most valuable to your business

You receive guaranteed, ongoing and instant support to successfully drive your drone endeavors

Select Your Research Subscription Plan


Selected services and high flexibility to support your drone market entry
  • Billed Monthly (in advance)
  • Duration: min. 6 Month
  • 1 full consulting/research day per month included1
  • Secondary research only


The full package to safely navigate the drone market on an ongoing basis
  • Billed Quarterly (in advance)
  • Duration: min. 12 Months
  • 2 full consulting/research days per month included1
  • Primary and Secondary research
  • B2B interviews and surveys
  • On-demand databooks and lists


All services, exclusive content and discounts accessible to the enterprise
  • Billed Annually (in advance)
  • Duration: min. 12 Months
  • Individual amount of consulting/research days per month1
  • Primary and secondary research
  • B2B interviews and surveys
  • On-demand databooks and lists
  • 20% discount on bespoke market studies
  • 30% discount on all available market reports
  • All packages can be adjusted according to your businesses needs.
  • All packages include instant access and low turnaround times.
  • You can opt out each month.
  • Should you require in-depth market research, commercial due diligence, consulting services or want to replace any service in one of the above packages, let us know.
  • Should our above packages still not meet your needs. Get in touch with us today and let us know what you need.

Become a research subscription member for as little as 500€ per month.

Please contact us for more information

Research subscription

Why work with us


We deliver clear and actionable information – always proficient, rigorous, and independently researched.


We focus all our attention on the commercial drone market, to help you understand what is really going on now, and in the future.

Business success

We provide you with unique and world-leading insights to drive your drone innovation and business success.


We are drone market intelligence pioneers. Discovering future potential is what we do and we are happy to share.


  • “You provide excellent market updates and insights. In such a dynamic market it is good to have a resource that is doing a great job in keeping the community organized for others to make sense of it.”
    ISC Logo
    Bret Gardner
    Director, Partner Development, ISC Consulting Group
  • “The team of DRONEII.com helped us to find networks and channels to regional markets to reach a stable position in the global drone industry”

    Toru Tokushige
    Toru Tokushige
    Founder & CEO of Terra Motors and Terra Drone

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Reach out via mail or phone and design an individual subscription plan according to your needs. For questions and inquiries please call us (+49 40 6483 0858) or fill in the form below and we will get back to you immediately.

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1 A retainer is not a flat-rate – it is the minimum of guaranteed hours per month. Any consulting/research request that exceeds this monthly limit will be invoiced separately.