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The Report “Value Chain Analysis – for UAV-based Surveying” is the first comprehensive overview of the influencing factors to start a successful drone operation in the construction business.

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  • Updated: November 2016
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The Report “Value Chain Analysis for UAV-based Surveying” is represents the essence of what you need to know if you consider using drone technology. Whether you want to buy this service from a professional drone operator or start it yourself – the report provides all aspects for water-proof decision-making.

As an example (part of the case study in the report) you can see the inverse decision-making process and alternative solutions in the slide “Decision-Making Process – surveying slide” You can download it for FREE by clicking the button below.

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The Report is a structured repository of the entire value chain of surveying. It includes:

  • Economic Effects (make or buy)
  • Mission-specific Issues
  • Technological Solutions
  • Operational Procedures
  • Future Perspectives
  • Case Study

The report is structured as followed:

1     Executive summary

2     Introduction

2.1  General

2.2  The Geo-Information System – Market and Technology

3     Requirements for UAV Operations

3.1  Legal Requirements

3.2  Make or Buy

3.3  Environment and Risk

4     The Mission

5     The Unmanned Aerial System

5.1  The Unmanned Aerial System and the respective Components for Data Collection

5.1.1 Aerial-based Processes for Data Collection

5.1.2 The Payload

5.1.3 The Platform

5.2   Data and Software

5.2.1 Flight Planning Software

5.2.2 Data Collection, Storage and Transfer

5.2.3 Data Analysis and Processing

5.2.4 Overview of Photogrammetry Software Suppliers

6      The Process

6.1   Conventional vs. UAV-based Process

6.2   Process Description

6.2.1 Role Description

6.2.2 Process Sequence

6.2.3 The Conventional Process – a Comparison

6.3   Process Analysis

6.3.1 Time, Costs and Quality

6.3.2 The Result

7     Case Study

8     Future Perspectives

8.1  Legislation

8.2  Technology & Processes

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