Colin Snow

Colin Snow

I’m CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research, also known as Drone Analyst®. We are a research, content, and advisory services firm supporting the commercial drone industry. I am 25-year technology industry veteran with a background in manufacturing, electronics, digital imaging, field service, software, research, and mobility.


Jörg Lamprecht

UAVs will be integrated in our cities. They will be used more and more, for a growing range of application, such as aerial photography, aerial surveying, aerial inspections, aerial surveillance – and probably also for the delivery of special goods, such as urgent medication.


Danny Ellis

I’ve been interested in flying craft ever since I was a kid going to airshows. I became interested in UAVs as an undergrad, over a decade ago. Back then, very few people were working on UAVS (nobody called them drones) and multi-rotors had just started to hit the commercial market, but they were very expensive.

alex gomar Kopie

Alex Gomar

Since the beginning, Hemav has been led by two directors, Xavi Silva and I, Alex Gomar. Together we command the operation area, business development, the financial area and the added value area, and then we share other responsibilities, depending on our professional backgrounds: I manage the institutional relationships, economic department, investment and the topography and inspection industries.

Francis J. Duque_photo_droneii Kopie

Francis J. Duque

Director and member of the Board of Directors for leading Marques Aviation’s global legal and business affairs covering issues such as corporate alliances, certification and licensing, competition, enforcement, flight operations, mergers and acquisitions, and safety regulation.


John Minor

Prior to becoming Provost for Unmanned Vehicle University, Mr. Minor owned and operated American Eagle Aerospace LLC and was the Division Chief for the Air Force Sustainment Center’s Scientist and Engineer Strategic Workforce Management and Development Division, Ogden Air Logistics Center, Engineering Directorate, Hill Air Force Base, Utah.