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Drone Industry Insights is a market research and analytics company based in Hamburg, Germany.

We provide insights, competitive intelligence and market data for the commercial drone industry. Our consulting services range from operational issues up to corporate strategy solutions. If you need help with your existing project – no matter if you are a hard-/software manufacturer, operator, insurance company, university, retailer or governmental organization – we have just the right insights to provide waterproof basis for decision making.

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With over 40 years of professional aviation experience in total we know just the right tools to boost your success in the commercial drone market. We aim for strategic and sustainable solutions in a fast growing and constantly changing market.

Kay Wackwitz
Kay Wackwitz

CEO & Founder

Hendrik Bödecker

CFO & Co-Founder

Nima Asghari
NiMA Asghari

Senior UAV Application Expert

Gautier Chapuis

Senior UAV Application Expert

Andreas Fröhlich
Andreas Fröhlich

Business Development & Consulting

Christian Trempler
Christian Trempler

Market Research Analyst

Fields of research

To make sure all the fields of the commercial drone industry are covered we provide information for the eight categories listed to the right. Each one of them is highly dynamic and very interesting for decision makers throughout the industry.


Searching for the right partner or product? Our database contains all drone companies worldwide.


The consolidation of the market will shape the future of the drone industry.


We’ll keep you updated with the latest information about the regulatory progress worldwide.


When, where and at which speed will it change? Learn more about market volume and perspectives.


Expanding the professional network into cross sectoral dimensions is key to provide comprehensive insights


Drone applications and operator demands will be the driving factor for the future market.


A world of commercial drones will fuel innovation. Products will change as well as the infrastructure.


Learn more about the latest drone technology standards and solutions.

Trends & Rankings

Be the crucial step ahead by monitoring the trends of the drone industry.

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